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PVDF fluorocarbon color steel plate is the best of the existing building color coating plate, recognized as the best protection of the organic coating, can ensure that the metal building plate is not damaged for decades, and always maintain a beautiful color.Since entering the market in 1965, the fluorocarbon coating has buildings around the world for more than 40 years of sun and rain.PVDF was polyvinydene fluoride ester.The maximum electronegative performance of fluorine atoms forms a very stable fluorocarbon bond, coupled with its unique molecular symmetry, which makes PVDF has extraordinary stable and unique anti-UV photohydrolysis properties and excellent insulation energy and mechanical properties.Because the fluorocarbon color coating plate has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in production technology, the paint uses the patented formula Kynar500 or Kynar5000 inorganic ceramic paint, each new raw material must be proved by Florida ten years of exposure to achieve commercial use, so that the product quality is reliably guaranteed.The color plate of the FITZPARTRICK nuclear power plant uses hot galvanized substrate, coated with fluorocarbon coating containing 70% polyester. In 1971, not only the surface and substrate are intact, but also the color is still intact.Baosteel General Factory, Yehui China and other fluorocarbon paint color steel plate of large domestic steel mills, can provide 20 years of coating quality guarantee, not in 20 years of paint, no color, no turtle column, no pulverization in 20 years.


The application of fluorocarbon coating in concrete is mainly reflected in the outer wall of the building.The building exterior walls of the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries have gradually abandoned ceramic tiles, Mosaic and other decorative materials, and more than 80% use paint for decoration.Among them, the excellent comprehensive performance and performance price ratio of fluorocarbon coating make it have incomparable competitive advantages in ultra-high buildings, landmark buildings, key projects and other aspects. With the development and application of water-based fluorocarbon coating, it can be sprayed or mixed, and makes it in the construction cost greatly reduced.This is also the main growth point in the fluorocarbon paint market.In the field of building exterior wall in China, the utilization rate of paint is very low, only 10%, the use of fluorocarbon paint is even less.With the restrictions of national regulations on ceramic tiles, mosaic, glass curtain walls and other building materials, the share of paint in the construction market will rise significantly, and it is expected to reach more than 60% by 2015.Among them, fluorocarbon paint has unique advantages in large buildings, super-high buildings and landmark buildings.


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