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照明产品冲压用家电白0.4mm加工覆膜高光白彩钢板展示柜外壳机箱外壳 ...

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The surface state of color coated steel plate can be divided into coating plate, embossing plate and printed plate.


Foshan Wanqing Materials Co., Ltd. has gone quite far away in the color coating steel plate industry, and can produce the color coating plate required by different customers.In the increasingly serious homogenization of color coating board, many industry people have realized the importance of specialization."Concentration, focus, expertise, to do a good job of color coating board.Professional positioning is conducive to us to ensure high quality and high price from raw materials, product development and design.Specialty is our way to succeed.


Color and gloss of the board paint


In general, it can be selected according to the standard color of the manufacturer, which can shorten the workload in the early production.If a special color is needed, color coating printing board is needed, because the coating first in the coating factory for sample configuration, anti-fade printing board, and the properties meet the requirements of production, so the production time from the order to the color board will be longer.Coated surface gloss, as measured by the 60-degree reflection angle, the larger the value, the printed plate, the higher the gloss, light and matte in the paint used in the building, between 30-55.This is because the high gloss coating is used in the building of the sunlight reflection is strong, glare; if indoors, at night in the light is easy to cause visual fatigue.


Foshan Wanqing Materials Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the field of surface coating plate business, and with the concept and technology of color coloring steel plate, color printing steel plate industry concept and technology to build a product production line, to produce suitable for customer needs, cost-effective products.The product line includes various color coated steel plates for high durability; color coated steel plates for environmentally friendly home appliances; wood grain board, cloth grain, metal drawing, stone grain and other color printed plates.


Our sales of color coated printing plate is choose hot aluminum galvanized plate, electric galvanized plate, cold rolled plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and other different materials, color steel printing plate, surface coated with high weather resistance paint and weather resistance ink, surface form a rich variety of wood, stone, brick, camouflage, velvet, marbling, granite, refrigerator pattern and pattern, achieve beautiful and durable effect.Finaint coating can also meet a variety of special requirements, such as: anti-pollution self-cleaning, high temperature resistance, self-extinguishing, extinguishing, snow resistance, fingerprint resistance and self-lubrication.


Because the color roll in many parts of the country, so our company uses wholesale, direct supply, processing and other ways to sell, these ways take into account many different demand groups, you can choose according to your needs, we will land / sea and other ways to safely deliver products to your hands.